How to restore drivers in Windows 10

How to restore drivers in Windows 10

In this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how you can return your drivers in no time! And we will also give you several reasons why this problem occurs to you and why you need to return your driver.

Why does my driver have to back down?

You will definitely experience problems when one of your drivers is not functioning properly or has just stopped working. To fix the problem, you must roll back to the previous driver version that caused the problem.


How to do it?

  • Click the Windows button located in the lower left corner of your computer screen.
  • Look for Device Manager settings and open. (You can also open the Device Manager using Control Panel if it’s easier for you, or just use keyboard shortcuts by pressing the Windows key and the letter X together).
  • Click on Device Manager to expand it. And you have to find the device that created this problem for you and which driver you want to play back. If you are not sure which device is causing the problem, there is a chance you will have a yellow triangle with an exclamation point right next to the device’s name. The sign is an indicator that the device is experiencing some problems.
  • When you find and find the device, click on it so you can open the Properties window.
  • A new window with many different tabs will open. Look for the Driver tab, usually the first tab in that window and click so you can access the new settings there.
  • Among the many different options, you have to find a Roll Back Driver. If you cannot click on that button, there are no previous drivers available for that device and you cannot return to it.
  • When you click that option, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to return to the previous driver version. Confirm the statement by clicking Yes. And if you might get some additional questions like why you want to roll back the driver, choose the reason and continue.
  • When the rollback is complete, and it should be now, the Roll Back Driver button should not be available to you and must be completely deactivated.
  • Your PC will send you a notification that will say that your hardware settings have been changed and you need to restart your computer. If you don’t want to restart now, just select the time you want, or manually restart it later. Keep in mind that some drivers will not require restarting your computer, but some will.
  • If you check whether you want to restart your computer now the process will start automatically. After that, you will be able to use your PC regularly, and hopefully, you will not have additional problems with drivers.

Note: Please remember that you will not be able to roll back the printer driver. You can only manage drivers that are connected directly to your Device Manager. Also, don’t forget that Windows 10 has driver updates automatically. If you want to turn it off, you have to go to settings. But after that, your driver will be updated manually until you activate the “auto” option again.

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